Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean cuisine is the food from the lands around the Mediterranean Sea and its preparation. This geographical area broadly follows the distribution of the olive tree, which provides one of the most distinctive features of the region's cooking, olive oil.

Hookah Pipe

The Hookah Pipe has a long tradition in the middle east/India invented over 500 years ago and still as popular today as it was then. This is an enchanting instrument used to experience what present day people in the Mediterranean refer to as “the new chill”.

Karaoke Nights

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Mediterranean Hookah Lounge 

MEDITERRANEAN HOOKAH LOUNGE  is open Thursday 4pm -11pm & Friday & Saturday at 4:00PM – 12AM

Lounge and relax with us as you are introduced to the centuries-old pleasures of the Hookah.

Select from a list of 30 different flavors of top quality imported Shisha (tobacco) to give you the smoking experience of a lifetime, among which are flavors exclusive to the MEDITERRANEAN HOOKAH LOUNGE. New flavors are added often and changed.

The HOOKAH LOUNGE is by nature and design, a lounge-type atmosphere with low-lighting, colorful rooms,  We welcome you and hope you have a memorable experience.

So What is Hookah?
Hookah is an enchanting instrument used to experience what they call “the new chill” in present-day language. A flexible tube with a mouthpiece is attached to a container of water. Tobacco sits in a clay bowl and is heated by charcoal. The hose running through its water-filled base is the key to enjoying the sweet pleasures of shisha (tobacco mixes of molasses, honey, and a variety of fruit flavors). The hookah was invented over 500 years ago in the Middle East.  Must be 21+ years to smoke a Hookah!